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“The Crestor patient benefit program allowed me to stay on brand medication, at no additional cost, giving me the confidence of receiving my medication as it was prescribed.”
- Fergus, Halifax NS


“Empowering physicians to choose the drug they believe is best for their patients is incredibly important, especially for drugs that treat asymptomatic conditions, like high cholesterol.”
- Cardiologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine


“The most important thing is the ability to choose the best course of therapy, solely based on what is in the best interest of the patient.”
- Cardiologist


“We have been using the CellCept cards and have recently run out. Please supply us with more cards ASAP.”
- Large Outpatient Pharmacy


What's innovi?

Innovi is an online service that provides convenient access to Canada's leading patient benefit programs.


These programs provide supplementary coverage for prescription drugs enabling patients to gain access to, or remain on the medication prescribed by their physician.


How does it work?


A patient can receive a patient benefit card from their physician, participating pharmacies, or by downloading one from


The patient accompanies their prescription with a card and presents both to their local pharmacy.


Patient benefit cards are processed just like an insurance card at pharmacy and are programmed to cover a portion of the drug cost.


Patient benefit cards can be used each time you go back to your pharmacy to refill your prescription.


Please Note: Patient benefit program availability and coverage varies by province, all program specific information can be found online or on the card.


Why do patient benefit programs exist?


Patient benefit programs provide patients, healthcare professionals and the Canadian healthcare system with access, choice, improved adherence, and patient safety.


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